Bucket List

A friend recently got me thinking about a bucket list and I thought it would be appropriate to put it here (in no particular order). At the very least, I wanted to put it in writing somewhere in hopes that writing it down puts me that much closer to achieving these things.

1. Skate and surf my heart away. If you just met me, you’d think I’d know how to do these two things. You’d also think I have tattoos and piercings all over. I’m addicted the surf and sand but never lived by the beach long enough to take up either long term. I’ve tried both multiple times but at some point, it’d be nice to adopt both as a way of life. The perspective on life you get while riding a board is like no other and I fully intend on not just looking the part. 

2. Learn Spanish. This one is tough because I have Spanish speaking parents (Mom from Peru and Dad from Venezuela) but neither taught me to speak Spanish. I learned throughout high school and college and  don’t practice often enough to sound native. I’m embarrassed by my country twang and conjugating verbs terrifies me. I understand it majority of the time and can catch on quick but it’s time to take it to the next level.

3. Publish three books. First is about all these wicked dreams I have been keeping track of for the past 2-3 years. Second is a memoir in conjunction with my opposite twin (I’ll introduce her later) that won’t be published until after my death. And third is a super secret cool idea I’ve had since my very first job. I am reluctant to tell anyone about it because I think it’s a killer idea and you’d steal it if you knew it.

4. Visit the vineyards of California and Argentina. I’ve always enjoyed beer over wine but if I could get to the roots of where some of the greatest wines are made, I’d gain a better appreciation for it. 

5. Visit an ashram in India. I’ve adopted yoga and meditation as a way of life for five years now and an ashram only seems appropriate. I’d settle for a yoga retreat in the South Pacific too.

6. Stay in a treehouse hotel in the Amazon. Yes, there will be bugs. Yes, I’m slightly scared of heights. But I grew up with a treehouse in my backyard and always admired the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse and lifestyle (minus the pirates).

7. Paint a mural on a wall in Mexico. Mexico has some pretty incredible street art. By painting my own mural, I’d feel as though I made it in the street art world (I was just interrupted by a reminder to myself to write this specific item on my bucket list this morning. I send myself Google Calendar reminders all the time. It’s one of the many methods to my organized madness). I’ve only recently got back into painting (acrylic mostly) and am ready to make the world my canvas.

8. Kayak in Costa Rica. I love water to no end and kayaking on steady waters (not a huge fan of rapids) would be amazing. A lake or calm oceans is the key here. I recently saw a photo of Lake Atitlàn in Guatemala that I fell in love with. 

So far, that’s my list. I’ve already achieved many things in life. One specifically is in the works (live in NYC for at least one year). Who else can say they’ve climbed Machu Picchu twice, attended the Olympic games in ’96, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, and surfed the waves in Hawaii all by age 28? Not many. I’ve also survived a breakup from a long term relationship (some call it the “divorce”) and worked my way up in management at a pretty darn cool company (that too has taken me many places around the world). I have a long way to go but I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve already made it.


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