Holy shit, I just want to write.

I’ve finally done it. My first blog. Enjoy.

Today I returned from a 4 day trip to South Florida to face a new challenge. I’m moving to NY in 60 days or less. Before I get ahead of myself, please note that timing isn’t important in this post.

But seriously, I just wanted to write asap and get my thoughts down then there was the whole, “How do I start a blog?” research and signing up, registering, confirming, etc. to be done. 

So here I am. Blogging. This could be huge.

The web address chosen was also a rush. Gutierrezable. I’m pretty sure that was auto-generated by Youtube many moons ago. How can you decide on names, addresses, and THE REST OF YOUR LIFE really in just one click? I wasn’t ready for all this decision making power in one night. I just wanted to write about my move and big changes in life. 

Allow me to describe my surroundings: luggage everywhere, the a/c is pumping “fresh” air in my stale apartment. I’m listening to a bit of Flux Pavillion a friend recommended recently. I’m staring down at a floor of miscellaneous bag contents from the last week I was at my apartment: headlamp, KSwiss sneakers, Coopertone Sport, Off bugspray, and a black bag from a random convenient store. My iRobot vacuum did her thing in my absence and there are pretty little lines all over the beige carpet. Trying not to get too overwhelmed with the contents of my tiny apartment given the upcoming move.

Entonces, time to hit the hay. Tomorrow is a full day of planning. That, I’m really good at. 


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