Breaking Bad (News)

I’ve spent the last few weeks gently breaking the news to my family that I’m moving away from Atlanta in 40-60 days.  I was fearful they would insult me and hate me for leaving them. I’ve always been the most independent spirit of the three children but I’ve also played a very central role in the family. Leaving could have easily been interpreted as abandonment. To my surprise, they were incredibly supportive and felt as if was the best thing for me.

My mom and I met for margaritas in my hometown. A cute little mexican restaurant opened up that she frequents. She says that it reminds her of when she left Peru for the United States when she was 19. Mi abuelita was very sad but knew she needed to leave for a better opportunity in the States. Sure, I’m not shipping off overseas (yet) but it’s funny to see how my mom share similarities at times with her own mother and how families all go through big changes together, regardless of generation gaps. Perhaps that’s more common in immigrant families and first generation citizens. 

My sister hardly gets quiet time away from the family (I have three nieces under 3 years old) and I finally caught her in the car on the way to taking my mom to her birthday yoga/lunch session. She was shocked. She scream “No!!!!!” then immediately expressed jubilation. She may not be a fan of New York but knows it’s the steps toward something bigger for me. She’s moved plenty in her life (the most out of anyone in the family) but didn’t seem to offer much advice.

My brother (who also left Atlanta at age 28 for Portland, Oregon) was super encouraging. By the time I told him, I forgot who else I’ve told and he was surprised that I blurted out the news on chat. Knowing someone in the family that’s done it before was really helpful. It’s almost like the words of encouragement came spilling out from him which caught me by surprise.

Overall, I’m happy that my family knows now. The next hardest part will be telling my employer. Stay tuned.


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