Sit Tight

I’m in a holding period. And it’s killing me.

As the self-proclaimed world’s most obsessive planner, I’m learning a lesson in patience. 

I have my entire move planned as much as possible but it all awaits on the result of one job. I’m lucky enough to have found an opportunity so fast but because I’m waiting on the results, I can’t plan my move-out date, my notice to work, when I’ll sell my car, my flights, etc. Combined with the fact that I’m still in Atlanta and interviewing for a position in NYC, I’m going madd trying to plan things that are ultimately out of my control. 

The flip side is that I’m taking a breather. I know as soon as I hear about the position, things will move at lightning speed. I think of it like a domino. Once the first one topples, everything goes as directed. The other lesson is relax during this holding period. It’s best to enjoy the calm before the storm and not rush those things which are not in my hands. I’m learning to trust the Universe will work itself out and I will be prepared once things fall into place. 

Hand me my yoga mat and meditation shawl.


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