I’ve arrived!

Greetings from the Big Apple!

I made it! After a 17-hour Amtrak train ride to NYC, I’ve arrived! It was an incredible experience and is no doubt not over yet.
I gave myself plenty of time to move from my apartment in Atlanta but with my sister’s expertise in packing and moving, I was able to move my moving date to Friday, Aug. 10th. It was a whirlwind to pack up and move things to mom’s, sister’s (for a pending garage sale), and storage. Then I caught the 8pm train from Atlanta to NYC Friday evening. I arrived in Manhattan yesterday around 2pm. Two friends were there to pick me up at Penn Station and off we went. We were on a tight deadline to find an apartment asap. It was so great to finally be around their energy and in NYC again. I really missed it.
We saw lots of places and finally settled on an amazing spot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It’s on a quiet street and across from a rocking cemetery. Yes, a cemetery, that apparently gets pretty lively. I cannot wait for friends and family to visit. We scoped the neighborhood out and we are near so much great stuff: amenities, trains, bars, restaurants, parks. My roommate and I can’t wait to buy bikes and be on our way!
So yeah, we did it. We both found jobs, moved, and found a place to live in no time. Did I mention we can see the Statue of Liberty from our place??! It’s too good to be true!

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