Ingredients for fun-filled trip to Goatlandia (an Airbnd home in Portland, OR. with goats in the front yard. The guest room window looks directly into the goat farm):

1 birthday-celebrating friend

1 birthday-celebrating brother

2 plane tickets

2 cab rides

2 weekend Tri-Met bus tickets

2 bikes

1 House party

1 Waterfront Park and Market walk

1 Some Day Lounge dance floor

1 stroll of Alberta St. (NE)

1 taco bar

1 bag Halloween Oreos

2 Random Order iced chais (one spicy, one sweet)

2 Random Order pies (one sweet, one savory)

2 backyard cheese burgers

8 hours Goatsleep* sessions for two

2 Barista coffees (one latte, one iced)

2 Barista pastries (two berry-filled delights)

1 Bye and Bye spaghetti and meatballs for two

2 sips Goatmilk**

2 naps

1 set Star Wars Legos

1- 30 min. yoga session

*Goatsleep is a type of rest you get in in Goatlandia. 

**Goatmilk is fresh-squeezed, spicy juice shared by the residents of Goatlandia. Typically served in a mason jar.

That is a recipe for good times.


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