I Wish I Were

[It’s my first attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo and DPChallenge. I found it surprisingly hard how to participate and/or sign up. Hope I did it right. ]

I wish I were home. Home means many things to me and changes often.

Home can be Atlanta. I travel back to my hometown this weekend for a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure. It will be the first time back since I moved to NYC and I look forward to the new perspective on life back home.

Home can be South Slope, Brooklyn. I’ve been setup in a remote office in Williamsburg all week due to Hurricane Sandy and I’ve caught a serious case of cabin fever. Tonight, I go home to rest and pack for Atlanta.

Home can be my office. I work in Midtown and miss my coworkers and the energy they bring to the office. Doing this job alone has been quite the challenge all week.

Home can be with certain people. My friends and family, not complaining, griping, but genuinely enjoying each other’s company. It’s important that no one is stuck to their smartphone. I want real conversations with real people who matter to me.

What’s home to you?


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