Best Advice

Sharing is caring and I’m going to share with you two of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received.

Don’t be afraid to repack. 

I’ve traveled a lot and moved homes a few times and some of the best advice about the packing process came from my sister. I’ve seen her move and pack at least one hundred times. She fits things into luggage crevices you didn’t know existed. I’ve seen her pack and repack the trunk of our family Saab. So snug.

I just finished packing for a weekend in Atlanta. I quickly gathered the essentials: toiletries, change of clothes, layers. I shoved them into a backpack and went back to work. As I walked around my room, I realized there were a few things to add here and there: headphones, book, toothbrush, hat, charger. Crap, I needed to repack.

This also means you should leave time in the event repacking is necessary. Now I’m repacked and feel more prepared for the trip. I know I am bringing everything I’ll need. Still snug into my backpack.

When you remember to drink water, chug. 

I’m rarely thirsty. I also think I have hard time remembering to do simple things like drink water. So a close friend recommended I just drink a lot when I do remember. He said, “Fill the entire glass, sit by the faucet, chug, then refill and drink more.”

It’s helped me stay as hydrated as a camel.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve gotten? Who told you?


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