Open Letter to My Older Self

Dear 40-year-old Catarina,

Where are you living now? Gosh, I hope it’s some place dreams are made of. You always wanted to be by the ocean, remember? I hope that dream became a reality.

Let me guess, you’re still giving back instead of stockpiling your cash for an unforeseen retirement. Aren’t you glad your folks taught you that at a young age? It’s such a rewarding thing and I hope that never fell by the waist side. Although, a little cash for retirement can’t hurt.

You were always so ambitious about goal setting and seemed to have a bright future. I know you always struggled with seeing projects through so I hope you learned to deal with that quickly and move forward with your big plans in life.

Please tell me you’ve crossed a lot of things off your bucket list (especially the travel). You really enjoyed seeing new places and returned home with a new perspective on life. There are some incredible places to see in such a short amount of time but I hope you made that a priority.

Lastly, I really hope you aren’t still paying those student loans you complained about often. They were killer.


Your younger self



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