Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and the city is working diligently to get back to business as usual. Many people have checked in with me with concern which meant a lot. I have described the experience in a few ways:

1. Coming from the deep south, I thought I would be dealing with a major snowstorm before a hurricance. This came as a big surprise to me.
2. I appreciate the city’s preparedness. They evacuated early and shut down the city well in advance of the storm.
3. However, they were less prepared to get back up and running given the issues with flooding (specifically in the subway tunnels), power outages, and gas shortages.
4. The storm helped me put things in my life into perspective. Yes, it’s terrible that something as catastrophic as a hurricane has to happen for people to realize what’s important in life, but it happened nonetheless. I feel incredibly lucky to have only been inconvenienced by the storm and nothing more.

Now that I’m on the other end of it all, I hope to not write again about a big storm like this for awhile.


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