History Revisited

This is a lesson in trusting your gut.

My trivia teammates and I were on the verge of the season’s first win. We’ve come close so many times and this was our moment in the spotlight. We had returned to this bar many times claiming that day would be THE day. We were threatening things like never returning to this bar if we didn’t win first place or buying out the bar if we finally became 1st place winners.

Then the bonus question was announced. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the question. Only the answer: Florida. The state I lived in (and a teammate lived in) for years. We answered incorrectly after a long debate and eventually lost that night. We dropped down from 2nd place and didn’t even place. No bar bucks for drinks. Just a loss and the opportunity to leave the bar with our tails between our legs.

Let this also be a lesson in confidence. I knew the answer. I knew I knew the answer. And instead, I got in my own head and cost us the win.

I hate to admit it but I’ve done this a lot in my life. I’ve doubted myself twice, three, even four times and didn’t listen to my gut. That’s not to say I regret my past but I could have suffered a lot less if I just listened to my gut and acted with confidence in my decisions.

Carry on.


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