What’s Your Most Magical Moment of 2012?

Someone asked this question yesterday (rhetorically) but it got me thinking. I wouldn’t say I had any one moment but I have a few moments where I realized some important things this year.

I can pinpoint days in late March/early April that led me to big changes I’m incredibly happy I made. I was often reflecting on how happy I was and felt a new sense of independence and freedom. I was really enjoying life despite its difficulties. I was also adamant about documenting those moments in a private journal.

The moments often came after yoga and meditation sessions, swims in pools, rivers and oceans, and were always when I was alone. Living and traveling alone brought the best moments this year and the magic came when I could calm my mind enough to realize I am happy. Finally.

I’ve returned as the creative, quirky, fierce and loving person I’ve ignored for years. I’m quite proud to announce the return of the real Catarina this year. As a good friend told me upon my adventure to NYC, “The best has yet to come in life”.


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