Live to Eat

It’s that time of the year where families gather around the table to do what they do best: feast.

I overeat all holiday season, from Thanksgiving til New Year’s. This year, I’ve already put my first Friendsgiving under my belt and it was a feast fit for a queen. So much food was consumed it kind of makes me sick just thinking about it. Christmas will also consist of good eats. The cookie exchanges (rum balls are my signature cookie) and dinner parties are well under way. Then New Year’s will kick off the year right with goodies known to bring good luck: black eyed peas and collard greens.

Outside of the holiday season, I’m also one to indulge in the best places to eat when I travel. Upon a recent trip to Montreal, it felt appropriate to stay indoors (and avoid the freezing cold) and gorge. The bed and breakfast I stayed at hosted a well-rounded buffet in the AM and the evenings were filled with tea and cookies. Those French-Canadians sure know there cheese, chocolate and smoked meats.

The furthest I’ve ever traveled to fulfill a food craving was a 5-hour car trip from Atlanta to Charleston for hush puppies. I grew up loathing hush puppies until I ate the ones at Sandcastle Seafood before the bridge to get from Charleston to Folly Beach on State Hwy 171. It’s also fun to see the boats roll in off the coast and serve fresh fish and chips.

Needless to say, food holds a special place in my heart this time of year. And I have no intention of dieting in the New Year.

Here’s to you here’s to me
May we never disagree.
But if we do — then f*ck you
And here’s to me!

Happy Holidays friends!


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