Last Weekend in January


This is the bridge over an expressway to my home in South Slope, Brooklyn. I take lots of pictures here because it’s always so neat looking. It snowed Friday night and this was a picture I took on the way home from work that night. Admittedly, I hate cold weather. But the snow falling is quite a sight and enjoyed it. It’s when it’s melting on the dirty streets of NYC that I don’t like.

Lately, I’ve gotten distracted at work and in planning my next half year here that I’ve gotten pretty lost in my mind. I paused before crossing this bridge that night to reflect in the snowfall. It was freezing cold but it was nice to take a moment and prep my mind for the weekend. Then I went along my business and had an amazing weekend filled by all the things I love: volunteering, dancing, and books. I learned to take some time for myself and not get overwhelmed with the future that I forget to live in the present.

Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine. After all, it was the last one in January.



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