The Harem

Guests often describe our apartment as “comfy, eclectic, bohemian, and a bog” (I resent that last one). It’s my home in Brooklyn and I adore it. It’s filled with amazing energy and begs to be lived in. 

I have two roommates (my opposite twin and her friend from school) and a collection of things acquired in Atlanta and on the streets of Brooklyn. We have a library of cds (yes, we listen to cds on a stereo), books, and dvds. Our backyard is the Green Wood Cemetery. It’s both haunting and livening to be by such a historic burial ground. 

This apartment is centered around the living room, affectionately known as The Harem. The living room’s main focus is not a television. In fact, we don’t even own one. A craft table in the corner with piles of papers, paints, yarn, beads inspires us to create things with our hands. The Harem is often transformed into a yoga studio, dance floor, dining hall, game room or nail salon. 

Quilts line the floors. Lanterns, candles, and Christmas lights hang from the windows and walls. Two large red couches are where we sit and engage in deep conversations. These walls hold the secrets to our past, present, and future. 

 This is my home. 


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