Brooklyn Nets

This post brought to you by an Atlanta sports fan, born and bred. 

Last night’s Brooklyn Nets game vs. Milwaukee was a blast! I haven’t been to an exciting basketball game in ages. It was one of those buzzer-beating-overtime-edge-of-your-seat wins. Those are the best. And the majority of fans I went with hadn’t been to a game at Barclays yet so it was extra exciting that their first game was a thrilling win. 

I was particularly proud that Joe Johnson, former Atlanta Hawks player, was the star of the evening. He scored the two most important points of the game: the three-pointer to take the game into overtime (free basketball!) and the game-winner. 

The Nets are the only NY team I’ve developed a liking for. I’m from Atlanta after all and remain faithful to those teams. However, Brooklyn has really embraced a team of their own and as a resident, I feel enticed to jump on the bandwagon (blame the subway ads). Plus, I never really liked basketball so I feel justified to make room in my sports-loving heart for the Nets. 

If you ever get a chance, go see a Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays. Just don’t be caught in a  marriage proposal on the kiss cam. Please!


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