Soy Venezolana!

My father is from Venezuela. I am from the US.

I heard the news that Hugo Chavez passed while visiting friends in Atlanta. I immediately thought of my dad and his health. My dad is this incredibly politically charged man. You can’t have a chat with him without getting into discussions about political issues, opinions, or current events. He is Venezuelan after all.

I never understood the fight, the passion, and the strength my dad had to speak up about what he believes in. I used to think that because his opinions were not of the majority, he should speak softly. Instead, he taught me that it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is what YOU believe in. That is very powerful and empowering.

As I reflect on the death of a leader, I feel incredibly proud to share my thoughts in my blog with you and to have the freedom to do so. I feel proud to be half Venezuelan and all Gutierrez.


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