No Joke

This is not a joke. I said I had a big announcement and I meant it.

I’m fulfilling my dream to live as an expatriate overseas this year. I’m moving away from New York on June 1st. This day marks the beginning of my journey.

I’m currently searching for work in New Zealand and Australia in hopes I can make this trip last as long as possible. This summer, I will be living in Portland,Oregon with my amazing brother and his family until I ship off September 1st. That’s the start of Spring down under. Five months from today, I hope to report from New Zealand headed on a tour of the islands before I settle in for work.

I can go in details later but I do want to point out that I have two months left in NYC and plan to make the most if it (on a budget) and complete the experience I came here for. There is so much to do that I’m not convinced another year would be enough time to see it all. Maybe not even a lifetime would suffice.

Let me also mention that everyone should try living in New York once. Especially in Brooklyn. Moving here has given me the confidence that I can move anywhere and be just fine. I’ve caught the travel bug though and could use a bit of a career break. Some call it crazy. I think it’s going to be an amazing adventure.

Stay tuned for more details as I prepare and sail away. And let’s all hope I can find the Braves fans in the South Pacific. Cricket won’t cut it for this fan.


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