Desk Job

My eyes hurts from staring at this mac all day. I’ve developed headaches, nightmares, slight carpel tunnel, and a bad back from sitting down at this damn desk. I sit behind a desk with two monitors for a living. I’m knee-deep in my inbox and calendar everyday and it’s slowly killing my heart and soul. I’ve made the decision to leave the desk because it’s a terrible place from which to see the world. 

I often ask people, “When you meet me or get to know me, what do you think I do for a living?” and never do I hear “a desk job”. Shame because I’m good at what I do (excel sheets and Google Docs galore) but it’s not what I want to do

I want to get my hands in the Earth. I want to be in the sunshine. I’d rather be fishing than typing on a computer and I hope to never have the email address again. 

Farewell desk job. It’s been real. 



  1. Sometimes I get so lost in my monitor that I forget my one hope as I graduated college is that I would never have a “desk job.” That I would be outside, doing different things everyday. I commend you gf.


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