NYC Spring – Achoo!

Sniffles, sneezes, and watery eyes haven’t stopped me from enjoying all that NYC has to offer in the Spring. I’ve spent a lot of time walking outside and soaking up the warmer temperatures. In fact, I’ve crossed two bridges off my list in two weeks (Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridge). 

This past Saturday, my tour started with a visit to the local craft fair in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. It was full of baby wares as Prospect Heights is primarily populated by families. But I did find a few bakers and jewelry vendors that intrigued me. W walked around Clinton Hill and Fort Greene and ended up eating BBQ at the Smoke Joint. One catfish sandwich and sweet tea later, we were off to the Central Park. 

Here is where the allergies took over. We spent time reading on the rocks in south Central Park and people watching until venturing into Times Square. Everyone in the park was carrying bright, yellow M&M’s shopping bags and we had to see what all the fuss was about. We stopped at Hotel Wellington and Dream Hotel to ride the elevators and take a few photos of chandeliers (my other blog). The M&M’s and Hershey’s stores were packed with tourists and quite a site. Without one taste of chocolate, we retreated back toward the Guggenheim.

The Guggenheim was on my NYC Bucket List and I was proud we finally made the time in the early evening to see the landmark museum for free. Line up around 5pm on Saturdays and you’ll get in for free (doors open at 5:45pm). Another pro tip: head up in the elevators as soon as you get in and walk down, not up. Gutai was a really cool exhibit if you’re into Japanese modern art. I am not but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was mostly there because I’m a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan.

The last stop on our Saturday was the Mulberry Project restaurant. It’s a mixology spot my colleague told me about. The mixologist is an Aussie and the head chef hails from New Zealand. We dove into small plates of bacon-wrapped dates, tuna tartare, duck rillette, sliders, and steaks. On their own, the mixology drinks were worth the visit to this hidden treasure in Little Italy. It was also a treat to finally be sitting down after a full day walking the city streets.

Another delightful NYC weekend achieved!


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