Down Under and Upside Down

I recently bought my ticket to New Zealand. With that came a flood of emotion. Excitement for the amazing adventure I’m about to embark on, nervousness that the experience won’t go as expected, and curiousness to figure out as much as possible about this place before I arrive so I set the right expectations.

I realize now, having sat with those emotions for a couple of weeks (and enjoyed a nice, long trip to the Florida beaches), that this will be the journey of a lifetime. And regardless of how it all ends up, it will make for a great story. I can’t wait to tell the stories of how I failed at trying to use local slang or the mishaps in learning how to drive on the other side of the road. I’m diligently studying maps, reading guide books, and learning conversion rates to the metrics system in hopes that the more I study, the less touristy I’ll appear to the locals.

Another thing that booking this trip has helped me realize is that I’ve already been on an exciting journey ever since I left Atlanta for New York. I’m already living the dream. The adventures will now continue overseas and it will make for an even more epic story. I’ve also realized how lucky I am to lead the life I’m living. It’s hard to keep that perspective in mind when times get tough and I need a way to remind myself that some people would die for this very opportunity. Stay tuned for more adventures. Next up: wrapping up my time in NYC.


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