Lessons From Behind the Desk

10 months ago, I was welcomed into an office and it changed my life. The experience has taught me a lot and I wanted to share with you some learnings:
1. Post-its make some wicked cool wall art.
2. The amount of coffee one can consume in 10 months is unreal.
3. Mini fridges reach capacity mid week in an office of 15 (+/-) folks.
4. You can have too many Google Docs.
5. Not every email requires a response. Use EOM and NNTR often.
6. Office potlucks can have all sorts of goodies (cat and people hair not included).
7. Chances are, if you are thinking it, someone else is thinking it too. Be mindful of how you deliver it though.
8. Age is nothing but a number.
9. Always prepare for tech challenges when doing video conferences. Always.
10. If you don’t put it in your calendar, you won’t do it. Schedule time with friends and activities outside of work diligently.
11. What you wear to work doesn’t make you a better employee. 
12. Dusting your desk every month makes you feel better.
13. Take a 2pm stroll for the soul. Snickers optional.
14. Succulents make great desk plants. 
15. Play like Julio (Jones, that is) and you will make a big difference to those around you. He was a huge motivator.
16. Use those 15 seconds or so in the elevator before each day to set the tone for the rest of the day. 
I’ll miss this place, no doubt. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the fact that this is my last Monday in an office in a LONG TIME. Hallelujah! 

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