Beep Beep, Slow Down

Everyone always says that New York City is the city that never sleeps. It’s true and adjusting to life away from NYC has been a difficult thus far. Not always being on the go, on the way somewhere, or up against a deadline feels odd. It’s not just about not working full-time anymore, I’m talking about pace of life type things. 

It’s also common knowledge that things in the South operate a bit slower. It’s true but I’m not here to bash home. Although it’s slow, it’s been nice to take it easy. I’m learning to enjoy the un rushed moments in life. It’s not about the South being simple-minded. It’s about really taking time to sit back on the porch and watch a summer shower pass by. To talk about life until the thunderstorm is over, and to not let life rush you by that you don’t enjoy those precious moments with those you care about. 

I learned this lesson when I was ready to head out the door to another lunch with a friend and a big summer rain shower hit. I couldn’t go anywhere. I had to pause for that moment in time. Mom made us coffee and we sat on the porch. The wind was carrying raindrops up the porch and we kept creeping back toward the door, hoping not to get soaked. We laughed at how the gutters were filling up with water and the grass was going to get very tall from all the rain and would need to be mowed again shortly.

I’m so thankful for that moment with mom on the porch because without it, life right then would have passed me by and I wouldn’t have that time with her. I would have been off to the next adventure (mostly Atlanta traffic). So slow down sometimes. Take a breath and watch the rain. Enjoy the slow times because you never know when it’s going to pick back up again.Image


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