What’s Your Plan?

Once someone hears that I’m on the road or starting a journey overseas they share feelings of jealousy, excitement and doubt. They often ask me, “what’s your plan?”. My plan is this:

Live as an expatriate for a year minimum
Find something I’m passionate enough about that I can turn it into something I do for a living
Travel until I find a place awesome enough that I want to settle and call it home
Continue feeding my creative side that it helps fund my passion for travel

Another person asked, “What is your passion?”. The only two consistent answers since college have been literacy and change.

I’ll admit, I’m terrified. I’m afraid legal visa situations will bring me back home prematurely or that financially, I won’t be able to afford it all for as long as I wish. Or I’m afraid I’ll be forced to come home because of a family emergency.

But worry will get me nowhere. I’m jumping in to the deep end to explore and the timing seems just right. I am excited to see what the future holds and what my adventures will teach me. One lesson I feel like I’ve already learned is to relax. You can’t control the future so you might as well enjoy the present moment.

As I sit on a three hour delay out of Dallas airport, I’m trying to make the most of the situation. No bars are open this late at night in my terminal, no food places are open either so I can’t use my food voucher. I’m surrounded by grumpy travelers, and yet I can’t help but smile. I’ll be in Portland soon enjoying an amazing city during the best season there. The cockpit crew is late says the checkin counter announcer. I’ll arrive at 12:46pm pst. Hakuna matata.


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