City of Roses

4 days into my summer in Portland and I am already having the best time ever.

This week I am playing camp counselor (They call it Camp Cat) to my 7-year old nephew, Enzo Renato. He is hilarious! He is such a joy to be around and brilliantly funny. His little brother, Hugo, is also hanging out but this week is dedicated to E-man. Did I mention they are the cutest kids in Portland?

Today, we built Star Wars paper airplanes, made a race track from macaroni and aluminum foil men, rode sidewalk chalk skateboards, went swimming (his first time going all the way under water), and watched the shapes of clouds during an afternoon ice cream break on the lawn. Life is grand. 

Saturday, I spent the morning in the garden of Goatlandia (the main home I’m staying at; yes, they have goats – baby goats any day now!) planting beets, kale, spinach, lettuce, and basil. I watched my brother dj at a local patio party and ended the evening at a dance competition called Deep. 

The best part is the city smells of delicious roses. Life right now is all about “stopping and smelling the roses” which is not easy to do because there are roses everywhere. You’d basically be stopping every 10 ft and the scents are beginning to run together. It’s quite different than the stench of Manhattan streets or the dog poop on the sidewalks in Brooklyn. 

After this week, I’ll create my City of Roses Bucket List to share with everyone. In the meantime, suggestions welcomed.


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