Last Thursday on Alberta

Last night, I went down to Alberta St. to see about Last Thursday, the local street fair held the last Thursday of each month (during warm months).From what I could tell, it was going to be quite the event. The shop owners were talking about it with customers all week prior to, the neighbors were asking if I planned on going, and there was drama in the news regarding the event’s committee, cleanup, and some city permit. I wasn’t going to miss it. On top of it all, I wanted to scope the scene to see if I should sell some jewelry there next month.

Of all the words I heard to describe the street event, my brother said it best. It’s a cacophony. There was a nice mix of age groups, vendors, goods, and music set on the backdrop of a steet in Northeast Portland that mixes many different architectual styles. Some artists were selling their huge paintings and pieces right next to little kids selling crayon drawings on construction paper. Mind you, there is no fee to be a vendor during the event so you get a big mixed bag. The space is first come first serve so each corner and parking spot was taken.

Two vendors stood out to me: One was a woman dressed in her 50’s attire, sitting on a small Ikea chair with a typewriter in her lap. She was offering to write poems for people at a price. How hipster of her. Another was a boy, no older than 8 years old, selling “friendly advice” at 5 cents a pop. He’d really dig deep into your life and circumstances quickly and ultimately gain a dollar from you because no one carries nickels around anymore. You get what you pay for.

Before I left, I remembered to snap a photo. I wanted to capture the crowd and ended with this beautiful view of the sunset and clouds (although sometimes power lines really ruin a shot, this one wasn’t too bad). Afterwards, my brother and I stopped in at Alberta St. Pub for beers and mules out of copper mugs. A must have and a must see event if you visit PDX in the summer. And another item checked off my bucket list.



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