Gardening Again

I finally figured it out. I know why I like gardening so much. Not only does it allow me to get back in touch with nature but I think I’ve found something I can never truly finish and therefore never fail at. So I have subsequently moved my office here:


I started a short “internship” in Goatlandia to learn more about organic gardening, native Pacific NW flora, and herbal medicine. The garden here is full of veggies and fruit trees like lettuce, squash, plums, figs, potatoes, tomatoes, and berries to name a few. I’ve spent the last week familiarizing myself with the garden and composting or cleaning up some beds. I’ve also hung lavender and lemon balm for drying. It’s overwhelming sometimes because there are so many projects to work on and lots of work to do but it feels great to get my hands dirty again. Some projects I will be working on include: building a raised bed for the south side of the house, prune fruit trees, harvest and weed vegetables, design map of the garden, build beds in the back near the “office” and maintain the compost. Below is the garden view from my “office”:


I have stacks of books about native plants, planning, herbs, and pests that keep me busy when I’m not outside working. Whenever I can combine two of my passions: books and gardening, I can’t stop thinking about it. And I’ve been reading more Michael Pollan books in combination with Emerson and Thoreau. Perhaps I enjoy gardening so much because the job is never complete, there is no end in sight, and it’s always a work in progress. The garden is an unhappy place for the perfectionist and I left that personality trait back in New York.



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