What’s Next

This isn’t a question. It’s more of a statement. What’s next is something I think about on the daily. So much so that I find myself lost in thought and not present. It’s the planner in me that takes over. I’m 48 days from New Zealand and I’m organizing my plans after I’m done touring the islands.

I have a list of 80 nonprofit organizations to research and inquire about volunteer opportunities overseas. They are mostly outside of the US but a few have programs that could bring me back stateside. It’s a wide variety but I’m mostly focused on environmental issues, sustainable and organic gardening, and wildlife conservation. They also all range in terms of program length: anywhere from two weeks to six months. 

Someone asked me what countries are on my list. Here they are: New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tanzania, Malawi, Argentina, Brasil, and Peru. It’s incredibly hard to make a short list and this one doesn’t even feel that short. Note that I prefer to stay south of the equator (for the most part) and end somewhere I have family roots. This list is not the final draft either. The final draft is the one I actually end up doing which in no way can be predicted at this time. 

Someone also asked me if I was nervous. I didn’t realize it at the time but I don’t think I’ve allowed myself the time to get nervous. Anytime I talk about it I get very excited and anxious. I’m sure the week leading up to my trip (or midway on the flight to Auckland), I’ll get nerves. Or perhaps I’ll just feel overwhelmed with the amount of things to do before a trip like this (like cut my mobile phone contract, contact my credit card company and student loan providers, send off contact info to loved ones). But otherwise, it’s going to be an adventure. No need for nerves.



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