Local Eats

With the summer harvest in full swing in Portland, I’ve been on the hunt for recipes to use all the delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs in my next meal. Although I’m eager to have a kitchen of my own to explore the joy in cooking again. I’ve been house sitting with Isaac for the past two weeks and it’s been amazing to break culinary boundaries again. We’ve made many new eats and used the hell out of the kitchen. Below is a list of things we’ve cooked over the last week or so. Each dish included an item from the garden:

Homemade ravioli stuffed with kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes and basil (before we found the food processor so the dough was made and rolled out by hand)

Plum semifreddo (from Bon Appetit magazine using red plums)

Plum marmalade (Isaac’s recipe)

Plum crumble (OK! There’s been tons of plums in the garden. The crumble was mostly golden plums with skins since they are so sweet)

Cucumber, tomato, and dandelion salad

Blueberry and plum pie (homemade crust after we found the food processor)

Lemon balm tea

Sage and spinach turkey burgers


Steamed artichokes with homemade mayo (marjoram from garden used in mayo)

The list goes on…

It’s really made me more aware of where my food comes from and the stuff I put in my body. And it’s fun to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Things seems to grow pretty well here given the amounts of rain they get throughout the year. Now I understand why seemingly every house in Portland has a garden.


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