3 Weeks Away

Here I am. Three weeks away from my trip to New Zealand. And surprisingly, I’m not a nervous wreck. What good would that be? I do have a million lists in my possession of things I want or need to do before I leave but that’s no indication of my emotional state. Surely.

And as cliche as it sounds, time really does fly when you are having fun. This may be the best summer of my life so far. And I still have three weeks left! I mean, look at my face. I’m over the moon excited on this bike below. Mostly because I spotted this pile of mulch and got excited for the gardeners who get to play in it. Image

I knew I would be disappointed if I let a day go by and I spent it being nervous or not doing something I loved. I wanted to say I lived each day and I did. It could have been something as simple as reading something really moving at the coffee shop or having my first big upset in the garden. I’ve seen mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, beaches, and biked up and down this town. I’ve gone to film fests and food fests. And learned a lot; not just about Portland but also about myself:

1. Learn something new each day. Teach someone else what you learned the next morning to wake up the brain muscle.

2. Leaky inflatables (bike tires and kayaks alike) can be good learning opportunities.

3. Cloudy mornings doesn’t mean cloudy afternoons in Portland. If it’s ugly in the morning, just give it an hour or so.

4. The joy in cooking can be found in someone else’s kitchen and an issue of Bon Appetit magazine.

5. Working a garden has taught me just as much as working in an office.

6. If I ever own a bar or restaurant, I’m making sure the location is at the top of a big hill so cyclists stop in to treat themselves more often. Don’t set up shop at the bottom of hill. Always at the top.

7. Those who order framboise in their Guinness are rock stars. Get to know these people.

8. Chai and espresso were made for one another. Cold or hot.

9. You can teach yourself anything with good internet searching skills and a library card.

10. Just write. Make it a habit and you will thank yourself later.

Summer is really competing with Spring for my favorite season. Best part: I’m moving to the Southern Hemisphere to experience it all over again!


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