Ten Days and Counting

I’ve only just adjusted to living on the west coast (US) and it’s almost time for me to go. 10 days from now, I will be celebrating Labor Day midair on the way to Windy Wellington. I’m packing the most ridiculous things simply because I can’t decide what I’ll need or want. I mean, who really needs three cameras (one film, one instant, and one digital)? Or red leather boots? I DO!

I haven’t quite checked off everything on my Portland bucket list but I feel like I’ve seen it all and done a lot. I will spend three days at the end of the month in LA with friends from Atlanta. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again and visiting another new city (although my guess is LA is like NYC in that you can’t see it all in a short time). 

I peeped the Lonely Planet New Zealand guide book yesterday at the library and got really excited when I browsed the section about Wellington. Did you know that no matter where you are in NZ, you’re no more than 128km (roughly 80 miles) from the sea? Rad. I also had a good giggle when I read the glossary about slang and expressions. My plan is to turn up my southern accent. It’s the sweetest accent from the States, right? I’ve also considered adjusting my sleep schedule prior to my departure to adjust to UTC+12. I’ll probably just spend lots of time outside when I arrive to counter the jet lag. And sleep lots on the plane. I swear, the minute I crack open a book, it’ll be lights out. Although I’m sitting in economy, I have a unique talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere in any position. 

Above all, I really hope I get visitors while I’m there. I’d love it if family and friends could make the journey. And bring me things from home like boiled peanuts and a bag of Chic-fil-a. It’s quite an expense and trek for people to make but it’d be well worth it (you know who you are!). It’s going to be tough being somewhere without friends and especially without family. I’ve really been lucky to be around family up until now. But you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 



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