Funny sign at a dry cleaners in LA: If you are living for tomorrow, then you will always be one day behind.

TRUE! But the truth is, I’m living for tomorrow big time. Because tomorrow I ship off to New Zealand. And it’s what I’ve been working towards for quite some time now. And it’s finally here. I’ve checked all my boxes, crossed my t’s, etc.

Although the last two weeks have been incredible too. And that’s where living for tomorrow has taken a back seat. I’ve been at the beach with a good friend from NYC and we were literally disconnected from all internet and phone signal at the beach cabin. It was so nice to not be checking my phone or messages constantly and be forced to disconnect for awhile. I had friends texting me nonstop about the VMA’s and I had no clue what was happening. I was working on a 600 piece puzzle of the world, talking politics and travel with Hayley and her mom. We ate amazing crab salads and I learned the difference between people who pile crab on their plate and those that do not. We enjoyed sunset champagne toasts and sand dollar hunts on the rugged coast.

Then I came home to Portland for one final day with my family. I thought how hard it will be to live somewhere without family for once. But Portland will be there when/if I return and I learned that it’s certainly a city I could live in again.

And now I’m in LA. I’m staying with my old boss from Atlanta. He and his wife are out here doing what most LA residents do: try to make it big. And they are working incredibly hard to make it happen. It’s fun to get an insight into the entertainment industry. What’s not fun is sitting in traffic all the time. To counter it though, I spend plenty of time at the pool. And last night, we went up to the Griffith Observatory for some of the most amazing panoramic views of a city I’ve ever seen. And the pollution here makes for incredible sunsets.


Then tomorrow, I move to New Zealand. No big deal.


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