This here is my bro Rafael. Some call him Raf, or Rafa, but today you can call him birthday boy!

He’s an awesome dad, cartographer, house DJ, web developer, dancer, soccer player, and one of the funniest guys on the planet. His personality is incredibly addicting to be around.

He is such an amazing big brother. I’ve always looked up to him. I still do. I spent the better half of my life trying to be just like him and probably annoyed the piss out of him in the process. But he always had encouraging words to share with me about life, friends, family, and the bumps along the way.

Apparently we look very much alike. So here we are, perpetuating the theme.

I spent this past summer in Portland with him and had the time of my life.
It’s tradition in my family to call one another on birthdays and sing happy birthday in English and Spanish. Lucky for him, I’m unable to make that special phone call today. I hope to see him again very soon.

Feliz cumpleaños Rafael. You’re the best brother a sis could ask for!!



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