Wild About New Zealand

There’s this new show on Channel One called Wild About New Zealand. It’s a really cool series that highlights a national park each week. Two weeks in and I have a long list of places to visit. And whenever I meet people here, they ask how I like it so far and have tons of suggestions of places to visit. Kiwis really want you to like this place. Perhaps because they love their home so much. Or maybe it’s because they are really accommodating people. Either way, they are a delight to be around.

But I’m beginning to have the feeling that you could spend an entire lifetime here, as many residents have, and not see it all. Even for a small country, most people haven’t seen it all. There’s just so much. I’ve added a few things to the list of new experiences though: swimming in the cold water (via a sauna), seeing glow worms, visiting the first permanent lighthouse in NZ and learning how to say fish n’ chips properly (pronounced fash n cheps I think). I’m paying very close attention to the way New Zealanders speak. Like how “beer” sounds like “bear”. Or “bed” sounds like “beard”. And when I say things like “y’all”, they get really excited. I always get a good laugh exchanging accents.

Since the weather changes at the drop of a hat here, I’m hurrying off for a hike in the hills behind the house. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty map of the geology of New Zealand.




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