Crafty Catarina

I’ve become my mom. In the best sense. She is quite possibly the most crafty person I know. And now, I’m jumping head first into tons of crafty projects. I’d like to thank her for inspiration and also shout out to Pinterest for all the random project ideas. 

Although I’d love to walk you through the steps of the projects I’ve done, that’s not the purpose of this blog. And I’m not prepared to teach others how to do these things. I just like trying something new and hope there’s inspiration sparked on your end to try a few projects on your own too.

Thus far, I’ve dabbled into woodwork and made a bench of recycled pallets, made a pillow from a tea towel and burlap coffee bag, painted a piece of driftwood and screwed hooks in to hold my necklaces, and made a bouquet of fake flowers from denim. Image


Soon, I’ll be taking on more projects and you can keep up with them on my Instagram. I’m just happy I’m in a place that encourages crafts and I have the space and time for it all.



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