Castlepoint and Deliverance Cove

When the wind dies down in NZ, you luck into some amazing sites. This weekend was a picture perfect landscape. Not only did I see an amazing sunrise, I saw the moon rise off the horizon late one night. Castlepoint is a quaint town 164 km from Wellington on the east coast of the North Island. We stayed in a friend’s bach (aka beach cabin, pronounced batch) for the weekend. We hunted paua in the tide pools (unsuccessfully), learned the basics of cricket,  and trekked up to Deliverance Cove, where you get some amazing views of the coast. I even tried hokey pokey ice cream, pineapple and cheese toastie, and mallow puffs. The small town only hosts one restaurant and one grocery so we had to bring everything we needed with us, including a rocking espresso machine (more on that later). Enjoy pictures below.


That’s what the moon looks like rising from the horizon in Castlepoint. I repeat. THE. MOON.

ImageThat’s the sunrise.

ImageThat’s the Pacific Ocean. 


ImageThat’s Deliverance Cove, from the top cliff.




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