Tuatara Brewery

On our way back from Waikanae, we stopped at the Tuatara Brewery. It was a Friday, early afternoon (day drinking!) and we were lone tasters at the brewhouse. Employees were working in their offices and sort of surprised by our mid-day visit. We asked to taste all 8 beers on tap and ordered some beersticks (aka sausages) and nachos (corn chips with tomato sauce, beans, and sour cream). 8 beers later, we realized the beers were actually yummy, went down smooth, and for a visit to an industrial area of NZ, Tuatara is a winner. Plus, their bottles are super cool. They have ridges on them that resemble the spine of a tuatara lizard. Unlike the wine tour on bikes we took, we describe beers with more pizzaz. Here are the notes we took:

Bohemian Pilsner: creamy and smooth

A second pilsner: fruity, passion-like, and sour

Helles Hefe: cloudy, super wheat sugar. Good. 
Bitter (the only word to describe the name of the beer): down the middle of an orange. Like a Brooklyn lager. 

IPA: beany, honey with a no sour throat. Not so good on the second (no idea what that meant…)
Aotearoa (most widely known and accepted Māori name for New Zealand) APA: Tropical fruit punch with a bitch slap. Like a meadow of hop flavoured flowers (We found ourselves confusing APA’s, IPA’s, and other pale ales on the tasting block).
Double Trouble: a dessert I don’t want. Tastes like Halloween. 
Porter: Eat with a ginger nut. Hah. I dunno. 
I’m beginning to realize that we take ridiculous notes that are not helpful to any reader. If anything, it’s fun to read.
Love a good chalkboard menu.
So that’s Tuatara Brewery. Tasty, cool bottles, but schedule a tour for more information. In other words, don’t trust our notes.

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