Six Barrel Soda Co.

An recent article in Kinfolk magazine spotlighted Wellington’s own Six Barrel Soda Co. And as a lover of all things sugary, I had to stop in for a taste test. Below are the results.


Nestled on Dixon Street, Six Barrel Soda Co. is on the second floor on the corner of the street. It prides itself on being a syrup maker that create classic, fountain-style beverages. Unfortunately, the day of my visit, there was lots of construction going on downstairs which made for terrible ambiance. It was a bright, sunny day and I wanted to enjoy the hideaway spot with the windows opened but had to suffer through the construction noise. Regardless, I downed the samples of soda with gusto.


Although Six Barrel doesn’t have a sampler option on the menu (and they claim smaller samples taints the syrupy goodness), we ordered all 12 flavors and a coffee & kola (shot of espresso and cola). They gladly obliged.


The 12 flavors included: celery tonic, lemon fresh with mint, sarsaparilla, ginger with fresh mint, hibiscus, kola nut, ginger lime & bitters, raspberry & lemon, cherry & pomegranate, orange dandy, lime with fresh mint, and vanilla cream.

Among my favorites were kola nut (blame my upbringing in Coca-cola country), sarsaparilla (who knew?!), raspberry & lemon, and vanilla cream. Orange felt less carbonated than the rest of the sodas and cola and coffee is no doubt a genius combination. They serve the sodas in highball glasses with cute, red-striped straws. And some lucky sodas come with swimming fruit like cherries.

ImageIt’s a fun spot to stop in for a soda but don’t try all the flavors. You’ll certainly feel full of bubbles after. Yum!



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