Small Galleries, Big Surprises

I’d been walking by countless galleries and finally decided to set aside a day to see these spots. As one gallery curator pointed out, we were having a “Culture Day in Wellington”. Indeed, it was full of culture and some inspiring pieces of art. 

We started our journey on Cuba Street. This isn’t your typical Havana. Although there’s a coffee shop on every corner, there were also plenty of small galleries. Unfortunately, not many places allowed photos. Our first stop was a gallery, shop, and studio called Matchbox (166 Cuba St). This small gallery hosted an exhibit called Myths & Legends. My favorite pieces were intricate pencil drawings of Lazarus from Doctor Who fame. Enjoy and Suite gallery were next, nestled in a small building on 2/147 Cuba St. They are both located on the second and third floor, respectively. 


They each had three pieces total, so incredibly small exhibits. It was quiet, quick, and quaint. And they have very selective business hours so check before you go.

The last stop on Cuba St. (177 to be exact) was Eyeball Kicks, a gallery with far out graffiti art and visual overload. The pieces are hung on an exposed brick wall to give it that “street” feel. It’s hip and worth a peek.

Bartley + Company Art gallery on 56A Ghuznee St. was also another cool stop. We were greeted by a chocolate labrador bathing in the sun. Inside were metal sculptures meant to replicate dystopian jungle gyms. 


If jungle gyms looked like this today, we’d certainly be having less fun.

With that being said, we headed toward the waterfront for fun art: an entire gallery dedicated to American cartoonist Dr. Seuss! I learned so much about the writer/poet. Did you know he had a lengthy career in advertising? I am also 80 years and 2 days younger than him. So there’s that. Some of his original pieces were on display (and sale). They were strict about photos so here’s the outside of the gallery:

ImageIt’s nice to take a trip down memory lane with Dr. Seuss sketches sometimes. He’s written some great stories with lovely messages that I think everyone, regardless of their age, can appreciate.

Last stop was the Shona Miller gallery right next door to Dr. Seuss. She is a New Zealand artist who creates amazing pieces with oil. Her landscapes really took my breath away. They are so vivid and stop you dead in your tracks. It was a great way to close out the “Culture Day in Wellington”.



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