Melbourne Burn

If you thought Atlanta was hot (I did), Melbourne has certainly tested my heat index tolerance. When we flew in last weekend, I quickly took note of the lack of mountainous region and greenery. It didn’t quite look like a desert but it did have the characteristics of an arid region. But, I love it here.

I left the US to escape the cold. New Zealand wasn’t all that warm either (although when the wind wasn’t whipping, it was warm enough to wear shorts). So here I am: slathering on sunscreen every few hours and wearing big hats. And despite the heat, I still manage to get a hot coffee early each morning. 

Melbourne, like many of my favorite cities, is hip. It has a unique coffee culture, water (fresh and salt), bridges, and a variety of cuisines to enjoy. The public transit is quite good and there are plenty of cyclists. I was told for the third time today that it’s the best city in Australia. It’s also been named the world’s most livable city (according to the  2013 Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Livability Survey. All good signs. 

Then the heat hit.

I’ve learned that heat like this (and like Atlanta) should only be enjoyed if you have air conditioning. It must be in your car, your office, and your home. Otherwise, you suffer like hell. It was cute the first day. Then we walked forever in it, low on fresh water, and I got my first sunburn of 2014. 


Still. Melbourne is growing on me. If you ever find yourself here, here are places you should visit:

Alice’s Bookshop in Carlton North – used books!

Wonderbao in Chinatown – cheap, fresh eats!

Mr. Sushi Burger and Black Velvet Espresso on Exhibition St. near Parliament – not together though.

Trippy Taco in Collingwood – vegan and gluten-free options, fresh as.

Saturday market in Preston – produce, meats, cheese, and deli delights.

Rooftop Bar & Cinema on Swanston St. – happy hour drinks, good scene, nice views.

Vic Night Market – every cuisine you can imagine to try.

Then take some pics of the massive amounts of graffiti around every corner, avoid the flies, and embrace the crowds during rush hour.



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