Mapping My Life

Since I can remember, I have been interested in maps and geography. My brother was studying geography in university when I was an adolescent and I wanted nothing more than to be like him. These days, I always stop to admire a map on a wall in a coffee shop or museum. I bring paper maps with me whenever I travel. I study the public transit maps before I visit a new place. And I dream of being able to afford a subscription to National Geographic. 

Here are some cool maps of places I’m going to next:

Melbourne Feb 12 – Feb 21 (pinterest)


Coromandel, New Zealand Feb 21 – Feb 25 (


Wellington, New Zealand Feb 28 – Mar 3 (


Las Vegas Mar 3 – Mar 4 (


New York City Mar 4 – 31 (




Atlanta Apr 1 (maphazardly on etsy)


And you can always find me at the local library



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