Under 30

I have exactly 14 days before I return back to the States. That’s nuts! I often experience overwhelming feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Other times, I get really excited about what’s coming up next. But lately I’m just overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude for all that’s happened in the last year.

I was looking back at my new year’s resolutions, as I often do at the beginning of the month, and realized I really made mine happen. I lived as an ex-pat, just as planned. I found out more about what I’m passionate in doing as a career. And I’ve done more things with love rather than out of fear.

A few birthdays lately put me into reflection-mode about my twenties (not to mention my own in two weeks). I’m beyond excited about the way it’s all turned out. I never thought I’d be traveling to the South Pacific before 30. Hell, I didn’t even think I’d be moving to NYC the year before last. It’s all happened so fast and it really hasn’t stopped since.

I have lots to do in such little time but I enjoy packing my schedule with activities and staying busy. There are still places I’m squeezing a visit to, including the furthest north I’ve been in New Zealand. And Vegas for my 30th birthday.

I’m also reflecting on what time abroad has taught me:

  • I’m pretty darn marketable and have a wealth of experience in social enterprise.
  • I really enjoy writing, despite my consistency in doing so.
  • Making a new set of friends is tough work but it’s doable.
  • You can’t plan everything. You can only follow your heart and gut instinct and trust things will work out accordingly.
  • Not getting caught up in another person gives you a sense of independence that’s important to a happy, healthy relationship. Communication is key too.

Above all else, I’m so grateful to have made the decision to come to New Zealand (and Australia). I used to think what I was doing was crazy. My friend Erin Gerber told me before I left, “you get the opportunity to travel and see an amazing country with someone you love. If you didn’t take this opportunity, that would be crazy”. And she was so right.

Looking back on my twenties, and the fact that they are ending in a pretty cool fashion, I do feel encouraged about my thirties. I also feel a haircut or tattoo of some sort soon. 😉


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