Social Enterprise – The ETSY Edition

As most of you know, I have a background in working for some amazing social enterprises these last 6 years. They’ve helped fuel my passion for making a difference. They’ve taught me that it’s totally possible to earn a living, start a movement, and give back. 

Close to the time I was moving from Atlanta, serendipity stepped in and I found a side gig making jewelry and raising money for causes I’m passionate about. Since then, I’ve been collecting goodies from around the world to integrate into my story and my designs. An ETSY store was born and with the help of my friends and family, I’m able to continue my craft and help out.

The first organization I’m partnering with is Imba Means Sing, an independent documentary about the African Children’s Choir. This is the lifelong dream of my good friend Erin Levin, who inspired me to make jewelry from the beginning. She is an incredibly motivating and passionate filmmaker. Her encouragement has helped me so much that I couldn’t help sending her some love in return. 

The second organization is Cool Girls, Inc. My good friend Ashley Timmons has been volunteering there for years and recently received an award for her outstanding dedication to the organization. She is such an inspiration. I’m glad she introduced me to this amazing nonprofit who are empowering young women and inspiring them to change the world. Feels like a perfect fit!

Lastly, I’ve chosen to donate funding to The Ocean Project. I found out about them while working at Catchafire and was impressed with their approach to ocean conservation. By partnering with various ZAMs (zoos, aquariums, and museums) around the world, they are bringing conservation literacy to the forefront and engaging a wider community. 

With each each piece I sell, 5% of the pricetag will go toward one of these organizations. Each listing has specific details on what’s going where. I hope this is just the beginning of something bigger and more impactful from my side in the future. 

If you’d like to see some of the goods, check out this awesome video here and the ETSY page here. Thanks for your support and happy shopping!


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