Coffee Catch Up

It’s been 5 months since my last post about coffee. Sad seeing as how it’s such a big part of my life these days. Nonetheless, it’s time to catch up with the happenings on my caffeinated beverage of choice.

Since moving back to the States, I’ve done a fair amount of coffee-ing. That is, I’ve visited many a good roaster in Brooklyn and Atlanta. Starting with Blue Bottle, Toby’s Estate, Kos Kaffe, and Cafe Grumpy. Then onto an amazing co-op roastery in Red Hook called the Pulley Collective. There, coffee know-it-alls like Ninth Street and Joe share space to roast on the regular. It smelled like heaven. Ground to Grounds did an amazing blog post on them here. I also met the world’s coolest barista during a cupping session hosted by Brooklyn Roasting Company at The Jeffery. Alex works at this lovely espresso bar turned craft beer haven in the evenings located under the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan. Alex was the first person I’d met in a long time who was so passionate about his craft. He could talk about coffee for hours and dream big about our futures in the coffee industry. He even gave me a mini barista training session with tips and tools I’ll be taking with me on my travels.

Since returning to Atlanta, I’ve had the freedom to explore a few shops and enjoyed a nice long visit to Thrive Farmers Coffee. I toured the facility and sat with David Paparelli over cappuccinos and pour-overs to talk about our journey to that moment. Thrive has a unique supply chain and sharing model.  It inspired me to explore future coffee farm volunteer opportunities and ideas about taking cupping training to parts of Central America where the education on coffee is lacking in that respect. My latest stop was at Land of a Thousand Hills coffeehouse in Roswell, GA where I had the best soy latte in Atlanta. Or at least outside the perimeter. Inside the perimeter, I’ve enjoyed Aurora Coffee a tad too much. Still on the list for visits are Octane and Dancing Goat. 

As I’m staying mega caffeinated, I’m also being mega productive; continuing my business outreach to those who I think can share some knowledge about the coffee bean. I’m moving to Portland in two weeks and eager to dive deep into the world of coffee in the Pacific NW again, with a new perspective on the coffee life elsewhere. After all, it is the land of Stumptown and reusable mugs. Not only that but my roasting partner-in-crime has plans to swing by and setup shop there. And it’s going to be epic so stay tuned. 


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