Saving Face

I’m not on Facebook. I don’t have plans to return any time soon. I realize this puts me at a disadvantage in some ways but I’m also celebrating it’s absence in my life for 3 years. I often get weird looks for being the only one at the dinner table not on Facebook. I get pleas to return too (mostly from close friends and family). Then there’s that one person that says, “Oh you’re the smart one here,” that assures I made the right decision.

But why? What was it that pushed me to delete my account? Well, a lot of things brought me to the final decision. Without being melodramatic about it all, ultimately it was my lack of privacy. I made the mistake of making too many “friends” and sharing information with people I really didn’t know. Facebook changed a lot that year and I was lost in the settings one day when I jumped on the road to deletion.

This doesn’t mean I’m a social media snob nor am I a newbie. I like Twitter and Tumblr. Instagram is my jam! Honestly, that’s plenty to keep up with. That’s heaps of updating, refreshing, and feeding to fill a day with news and nonsense. If Facebook was another thing I checked throughout the day, I’d be far less productive.

Sure I’m missing photos of my nieces and nephews, friends’ babies (ha!), graduation announcements, and party invites. That just means I go out of my way to stay in touch with the people I really care about. I set aside time each week to email (think long form Facebook messages) a few friends I haven’t talked to in a long time. If I’m feeling extra nostalgic, I’ll pop a postcard in the mail. Or worse, a phone call!!

There were a few times I gave in and made comeback. I thought it would be an epic event. I’d post an update and people would celebrate my return with a party (I guess you could say Facebook also brought out the narcissist in me). When I covertly re-opened my account, I was completely lost on my own homepage. I was overwhelmed by the changes and immediately closed the account again. I even tried starting fresh. You know, new-year-new-me sorta thing. Same result.

That’s me though; sticking to what I know best and being greedy with my time online. I won’t say I’ll never be back but in the meantime, you know where to find me.


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