The Word Love

Based on an ongoing debate I have with my partner about the use of the word “love”.

When trying to synonymously match a word like love, one must first consider what.

What of the word are you trying to change? The word in the verb form? As a noun? Because it does both.

What about the word isn’t working for you the way it currently stands?

A multi-functional word like love is nearly impossible to replace. As I understand it, the need to change it is based on it’s abuse and mis- or overuse. But a lot stands in your way.

Unlike “like”, love is not a comparison word but more of a state of being.

And not like “lust”, love is a feeling type emotion you achieve through deeper connection.

Is the concern that it’s too of permanent, like it can’t be taken back once proclaimed? I fear that sometimes.

My issue is that it’s used so universally to express interest in things like music, books, coffee. And especially when I tell people like family I love them, I don’t feel the same kind of love for you.

Not to offend, simply stating a difference.

Because what I feel for you can be felt through my whole body, across time, and beyond borders.

What I feel is a respect of sorts for your mind and body and a subsequent craving to have more of it at my disposal.

This love isn’t a dependent thing either. Nor is it a pretense for something bigger.

It’s a connection I feel for you, a comfort in knowing you feel something too and want it in your life at this moment.

Is it that what you feel is so strong that using the word love wouldn’t do it justice? That only 4 letters is too simplistic and short?

The good news is that using a word like love leaves little question. It’s definitive and gives you warm and fuzzies. And that it transcends lots — a sweeping statement in 1 word really.

But I don’t want that either.

I want a word that I can say to you and there is no question what I’m feeling. This is where affection and action compliment speech.

So much like no nicknames haven’t stuck, I continue the search for a word or perhaps invent new ones as we go. We have time on our side.


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