The Tangled Webs We Weave

Have you ever gotten the feeling that once you think about a certain topic, for some reason, it keeps popping up in your life? You become amazed at the signs of the universe and how they must be telling you something? When I was considering moving to New Zealand, all signs were firing at me to do it. Everyone I met had some connection to that place or a story to share. My friend Vibha has a theory on this. I tend to agree with this theory and share it with lots of people.

If you think of the mind as a spiderweb, you soon realize that instead of coincidences or “signs”, you are simply grabbing onto the thoughts and moments in your web because you’ve woven it in such a way. Ideas, discussions, songs, books, people… these things are always present in your life but only when you weave this web do you “catch” certain the ones you are thinking about. You’ve chosen to pay attention to the things you’re most interested in at that moment. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about two places: Costa Rica and Tanzania (specifically, Zanzibar). And wouldn’t you know it, everyone I meet has some connection to either or both of those spots. Every book I pick up at the library mentions these destinations and every coffee I drink is from there. Every movie has a line about it. Or every drink has a fruit from there. Okay, maybe not every but you get the point. 

This gives me some confidence in the power of the mind. I like to think I can weave my spiderweb to bring me things. I can fish for whatever is out there and come up successful (unlike most of my fishing attempts on real water). So while I’m weaving my web today, I’ll be thinking of cash. Loads of it. 


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