Treasure to Trash

I’ll be the first to admit, getting stuff for free is awesome. I am walking down the street and something catches my eye. Feelings of excitement and anticipation rush through my body. More often than not, it’s not something I need, but I like rummaging through things and striking gold. Portland has heaps of street corners with treasure. In my opinion, now the problem is that these intersections have become somewhat of a dumping ground.

I have scored some pretty sweet finds on the streets of Brooklyn and Portland. So much stuff that I don’t feel the need to buy things anymore. I feel like it will find me when I really need it. I’ve even honed in on the right time to “shop”. End of the month and days after a garage sale are best. But if you wait too long, you’ll find that most of the stuff is picked over. Wait two more days, and the treasure appears more like garbage. It looks old, soggy and smelly; so you move on.

Some of my coolest finds have come from the streets of Park Slope, BK/NYC. Shelving, tables, chairs, paintings, and countless books have stocked my apartments. I’d always have a good laugh with my roommates when we’d arrive home from work, each with a new piece to add to our eclectic decor. I can’t stand Ikea furniture, for one, so when a new piece of furniture shows up in my life, I treat it with care. “Nothing a good paint job can’t fix” is my motto!

I digress, the issues remains. These once intriguing street corners with funky finds have transformed into the neighborhood trash bin. Rubbish collects by the day and unattractive areas are popping up everywhere. Just look!

st corn2st corner

This has to end (If there is an app for this, please let me know)! I propose that the city or county (or some private companies) that maintain the garbage and recycling, should provide bins for things discarded on street corners. Each week, they should get cleaned. Cuz ew. That’s really the only solution I could come up with since seeing the junk piling up nearby a few days ago. I realize taxpayer money is at stake in this proposed case, so please, let’s discuss. Thoughts?



  1. Cool idea! If this happens on specific corners, maybe someone can get Goodwill or St.Vincent to put out some smaller-sized bins?


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