As a writer, I have a tendency to take copious notes about life and all it’s happenings. I document lots of stuff. Part of that begins with setting goals at the start of the year (not to be confused with New Year’s resolutions) and checking back in with myself throughout the year to be sure I’m on track (or catch up in some cases). I truly believe in the power of writing something down or saying it aloud to bring it into fruition. Whether that’s a new job, better health, family resolutions, or friendship woes– putting it out there can do nothing but help. In my opinion, the best way to get something done is to share it with others so they can then hold you accountable for your actions.

I have this core group of friends that I trust to hold me accountable. They’re more like life mentors and know me very well. We’ve been friends for a long time. I know they have my best interests in mind and can be brutally honest with me when push comes to shove. Every month, we start an email chain to one another with details about how life is going. We update one another on where we stand with our personal goals and ask for help. A simple ask could be to gain advice on what to wear on a job interview. A bigger one could be what to do about the mounting debts to student loans lenders. Either way, our emails get deep and they always end on a positive note. I told them my plans this year: publish this damn book and get back to NZ. What they’ve been helping me with this year is how I’m going to do just that. And it’s worked. Despite all the bumps and bruises life has given me, I’m nearly there. And right on track.

With that said, I have an announcement to make. I’m moving back to New York next month. I’m going back to the big smoke to work my ass off. I have a network of amazing people up there that I want to reconnect with and give me the boost I need to get back to NZ. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.


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