The Business of Business

During the month of October, I worked in the potty business. As they say, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. What I learned is that it’s really not as bad as it seems when you are providing a service that EVERYONE needs.

I worked for a startup called Nuloo. We provided an alternative to the dirty, nasty porta potties at outdoor concerts, festivals, and sporting events in and around the Atlanta Metro area. We hauled large trailers with men and women’s restrooms to an event and offered an experience that blew most people away. Each trailer held 3-4 bathroom stalls with flushable toilets, A/C, and sinks with running water. Included were all the paper products you could use. Outside the trailer were extra amenities like TV, lounge chairs, and a mobile charging station. Depending on the event, we charged per use or sold passes for people to use the facility. I know what you are thinking– you charged to go to the bathroom?! To be clear, there was a charge but it was an alternative. You were always welcome to use the other restrooms at an event for free. Believe me, by the end of the weekend, you don’t want to be near those though.

My job included prepping for each weekend’s event, setting up the trailer (lots of moving, packing, and lifting), managing brand ambassadors who promoted the facility and attendants who clean, running the register, putting out fires (or messes), and breaking down at the end of each day. Event planning and production is a beast of an industry that I’m quite familiar with. This was just one side that I’m glad I got to experience.

What I loved most about this job were the faces from people who used the facility and exclaim, “This is the best idea ever!” or “I’m so grateful you are here!”. It was really rewarding to hear mothers relieved there was a facility to take their children, change their babies, or just rest in our lounge. There’s nothing like working somewhere that others are so grateful for your presence. Sure there was the occasional guy who would proclaim that paying to piss is absurd and demonstrate how he can pee in the bushes. He’s not our target market. Obviously. In general, we were always greeted with delightful guests and gratitude.

The best part of the entire month was Outkast concert weekend. Not only was it our busiest event but I got to see (mostly hear) Outkast live and in the flesh three nights in a row. In Atlanta. To top it all off, on the final night, Outkast brought out Erykah Badu to sing my favorite all time song: Humble Mumble. My life was complete and I was okay if I died after seeing that show.

I digress. I always giggle like a 13-year-old schoolgirl when I tell people that I worked in the bathroom business. It was fun, rewarding, and full of surprises (and plenty of poop jokes)! I can’t walk into a lounge or public restroom now without comparing it to Nuloo. And I will never look at a bathroom (or a job) the same again.


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